It wasn’t until a cup of pot soil unexpectedly was dropped in my center armrest console that I felt an aggressive motivation to take a deep dive into cleaning out and organizing my car armrest.

Here are some tips I personally use to help me find a pen, sticky note, hand cream, tissue and chap stick quickly and even when I am driving. As you can see in the picture a vacuum and a thorough cleaning was needed before anything.

I used Small Smart Store Inserts (SKU#: 10051181) from the container store to help create sections. But before looking for inserts to create sections you need to refine what you use the most in your console first. For me its pens, chap-stick, keys to my mom’s house, business cards, face hydrating mist, extra sunglasses. Do not worry, my post-it notes are in their very own compartment. After you’ve identified what’s needed you’ll know what kind of storage unit you need for each section.

I like my pens to stand up for easy retrieval and so the ink stays towards the tip – that requires something tall and slim – you can even use a jar of some sort. Since small bottles – like my face mists – can stand on their own pretty well I didn’t need something tall, just something to help contain them. Placement of what goes where makes most sense when thinking about what you use most – put those in a spot that’s easiest to grab. The armrest is actually not my go-to for my most needs items.

For me my most used items are – tissues, hand cream and hand sanitizer. I put those items in a place where I can very easily get to when driving. That place is my door “pocket”. I have them all lined up – I know what order they are in so when driving and. Things stay put and I refill when necessary. I also opted for a pump bottle for my hand cream and sanitizer so I could use one hand.