Meet Stephanie

Before starting Get it Done by Stephanie, Stephanie spent 15 years traveling around the country as a sales executive.  While she found the work enjoyable and loved traveling to new cities, Stephanie found the most joy being home. On weekends she helped her friends (and their friends) streamline and organize their homes. She weeded through their closets, pantries, bathrooms – you name it. Ultimately, after years of doing it for fun, Stephanie took a leap of faith and decided to make helping others her profession. It’s through her love of people and all things organization that Get it Done by Stephanie was born.

It is Stephanie’s belief that organization brings inner peace, and it is that peace which allows creativity, productivity, and happiness to flourish. She works under the belief that outer order breeds inner calm. Therefore, Stephanie works to empower her clients to create – and more importantly, maintain – organized spaces.  Stephanie relishes in watching the great sense of relief that her clients feel once their home is in order. It is as if the air in their home has been renewed.

She notices her clients are able to take on more responsibilities with ease and accomplish goals they never thought were in reach.

While the process of getting organized always consists of the space getting much worse before getting better, ultimately, Stephanie and her clients have fun! Yes, organizing is fun. Through her honest yet fun-loving approach, she helps her clients get to the heart of the chaos and break old habits.

Stephanie also understands that in our busy lives, sometimes it’s just easier for someone else to take the reins. Whether clients are too busy or too overwhelmed to tackle the jobs themselves, Stephanie can help.

Never one to get overwhelmed, Stephanie isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. In fact, she is eager to help in whatever capacity needed.

Stephanie can easily see the potential of any unorganized space and help transform it into what you’ve always envisioned. After Stephanie leaves your home you will feel empowered, confident and incredibly relieved. Trust us when we say it is better than therapy! 😉