Stephanie has been our organizer since 2017. She has the motivation and creativity that is contagious to the homeowner to keep your home a happy organized space. She helped me transition from a larger estate to a smaller home, and she has coached my Teen boys to be better household participants with regards to their own room and the home as a whole. Currently, we are transitioning again! She has been my household leader preparing our family for a relocation. She has managed and kept our family organized with getting the home picture perfect inside and “deep inside” for market! I can’t wait to bring her to our next home as we unpack and settle seamlessly! Thank you Stephanie for making sure we always get it done.
Julie E. - New Canaan, CT

Stephanie Naccari will literally break up with your crap so you don’t have to! As a woman and a mom, I often feel my home to be my private domain. After many years in Manhattan, we moved to Westchester with two young children. Our basement was a smattering of cars, planes, and lots of pink! When a pipe burst and we needed to redo the basement, I thought I could tackle the job myself. After failed attempts, I realized I could not. I would hoard supposed “memories” that made my living space unmanageable. That’s where Stephanie Naccari comes in.

Some jobs require a professional, and just as you would hire a technician to install a chandelier, I needed Stephanie. She is methodical; explaining that she does not need to know the backstory of a toy or piece of clothing. You are paying for her time. She will take an item that you would otherwise look at, think about, and set right back down, and make you commit to an answer. “Keep, donate or throw out?” is her mantra. She is quick and deliberate. She will get the appropriate and logical drawers, shelves, or stacking units.

When all is sorted, she will bring your donated items up to her car. Slinging a humongous garbage bag over her shoulder like a cool, Girl- boss Santa Clause, she will give you a tax form and take your beloved baby toy to a new home. She has since organized our garage and master bedroom closet. Both were daunting tasks that she attacked swiftly and professionally.

I am a stay-at-home- mom and far from an extravagant spender. I consider myself a martyr who rarely uses outside help. However, some things are invaluable. Organizing creates a space of sanity that I was too nostalgic and busy to create on my own. When you see what Stephanie is capable of, you’ll be happy you contacted her. The best-spent money is not always acquiring something new, but rather having something old and making it new again. Stephanie can do just that. She is personable and funny and a joy to work with. I look forward to finding more parts of my home that I can’t quite “get done” myself, and when that happens, picking up the phone and calling Stephanie.

Lisa P. - Westchester, NY

Hire Stephanie! She has unique and inspired ideas to quickly get your house and life organized, giving you more time to do the things you love. Save yourself countless trips to organizational stores, wondering what you need, wandering aisles, and buying things that you end up returning. Just call Stephanie. She will assess your needs and find you the right solutions that fit your unique space and style. You’ll find more room in your home, de-clutter and enjoy your space.
Ashley C. - Sacramento, CA

Where do I begin? I’ve worked with other organizers so I know the good from the bad and I could tell you Stephanie is definitely an amazing egg. She is a gift that keeps on giving. She comes into your home or I like to say, into your life, because when she leaves that’s exactly what is transformed – your life. She’s one of those people who you feel you’ve known forever so working with her feels natural and organic.

She will put you on a path of empowerment so you can continue the system she’s craftily implemented to be successful long term. I feel this is something that not all organizers do and it makes all the difference!!

She doesn’t look for the quick fix, and runs. She genuinely gets to know you, your lifestyle and what will work for you and your family. It is apparent that she does not implement a cookie cutter system.

She’s very patient yet strong. If you’re not ready for certain things she is very understanding! However she will push you to help get you over the humps that have been holding you back, and let’s face it, that’s how you got into this mess in the first place. Stephanie gives you the confidence to help make those tough decisions. All of this she does with a calm precision.

To me she is the best thing since sliced bread or maybe since the modern hanger. 😂

Anyone who has the opportunity to work with her will see from the minute she walks into your life what I mean.

Tina S. - Purchase, NY

Stephanie is an amazing person and undeniably knowledgeable with making ANY space an organizational utopia. Having Stephanie in our home not only put my mind at ease but made it easy for the whole family to stay organized. I loved every minute of working with her! A true gem. I highly recommend Stephanie for all your decluttering and organizational needs.
Do yourself a favor and let her “Get it Done!”

Marcy D. - Eastchester, NY

Stephanie was highly recommended to us when we were about to list our home for sale.  She truly took hold of the enormous task in front of her, and systematically got it done.  She rolled up her sleeves and got to work immediately. Weeding through all of our closets and bedroom cabinets, our kitchen and garage. Finally, our basement was tackled and Stephanie emerged victorious!  The level of detail that was necessary for this very complicated sorting/selling/donating/packing mission cannot be overstated.  Stephanie led the way and we were able to make the entire house look beautiful for selling and also organize our entire lives- including our offices. 

She has boundless energy and enthusiasm for any task put in front of her and doesn’t stop until everything is perfect. Always with a great friendly attitude and a smile on her face.  We just couldn’t part with this angel so we retained her services, ongoing, to help keep us on this lovely clean and super organized path. 

Brendan K. - Harrison, NY

Stephanie came and completely transformed my basement to an organized haven of peace. She also helped with the purging and creating a system that is easy to maintain.  I can’t wait to have her come back again and if you want to finally have your house the way you have dreamt call her! She has been doing this for a long time and gave me practical tips that I can use for other parts of my house too.
Christina A. - New Cannan CT

Stephanie is a rare organizer. She is a wonderful person and does the job. She is energized and does not stop until she gets the job done. Dependable! Honest! And great at her job! She is also honest and funny and a pleasure to be around. I give her FIVE out of FIVE stars and would definitely work with her again! Specifically she looked at my disorganized kitchen and said solemnly: “Oh, I want to work on this.” The thought of organizing my kitchen made me want to cry. Stephanie went into the kitchen and organized and tidied up for a few hours and suddenly I felt like I had a new kitchen! Steph is the best!
Natalie K - Upper East Side, NY

Stephanie is the best gift you can give yourself!! She was thorough, professional, helpful, resourceful, and hardworking! I highly recommend her to everyone to get it done!
Traci G - Newport, RI

We have a walkup Attic that was filled with old clothes, books, stuff from my Grandmothers’ house in Utica, stuff from my husband’s family, old toys, things left over from our sons’ High School/Collage days, Army uniforms, and hundreds of photos and letters all over the floor because our dog ran through the little piles that I was sorting out. Stephanie organized and labeled everything included the mass of photos and letters. When all that was finished, she vacuumed the rug.The amazing thing was that it didn’t take her that long as she is very focused and professional. I love to take people up to see what she did it and I highly recommend her.
Judy Beil - White Plains, NY

From across the country I sent Stephanie videos of the unusual closet shape and all the measurements…along with a list of what needed to be accommodated and how my husband wanted to use the space.

With my wish list – from baseball caps to jerseys to tchotchkes and a guitar to name a few – and measurements of the space she went to the Container Store and designed the entire closet…top to bottom, left to right, allowing for everything on our list and then some. Her ability to understand what we needed within the space constraints was incredible. She asked really detailed and thoughtful questions that demonstrated tremendous care and attention to detail…things that never occurred to me! The result was a perfect “closet” for my husband, with room for his jerseys, knick-knacks plus a standing desk area, which allows him to manage paperwork and stay organized. She also allowed room for growth.

There is no way I would have been able to do this myself. Not only is it perfectly functional, but also aesthetically pleasing.

I trusted Stephanie before this process, and would have recommended her, too…but now I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is incredibly good at what she does, very professional and has incredible follow through with acute attention to detail.

Deborah Seidner - Los Angeles, CA

My family and I moved into a new house this past July, and my dream was to create a beautiful, organized storage space out of half of my garage. When I heard that Stephanie would be in Los Angeles for another project, I booked her immediately to design and systematize my things; and, ultimately, coach me through envisioning my dream! Honestly, the second I got my hands into the mound that was my “garage storage” (yard tools, workout equipment, ski gear, seasonal decorations) I started having hot flashes! I never expected how overwhelmed I would become with the task once we got started. Stephanie was an angel—an organizational curator! She sat with me, side by side, going through every manual, spare light bulb, & tree ornament, helping me discern trash from treasure! She assisted me in bringing things to the Goodwill and to the dumpster! To this day, whenever I have friends over, they beg to see my garage-masterpiece, and covet Stephanie’s handy work. I am looking forward to having her back to conquer my husband’s closet—heeheehee…!
Sarina F. - Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for being so supportive, patience, understanding and being a “therapist” organizer.  You are a true fairy Godmother and I do listen to your advice and steps.   At night and the following day I process, reflect and flow with the developments and awesome improvements.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a special person in my home that helps my family.
Anonymous - New Canaan, CT

Hiring Stephanie to help me move was the best decision I ever made!  In the past I always packed things myself.  This move I decided to hire a professional and Stephanie delivered more than expected.  She packed my belongings with extreme care – from fragile glassware to irreplaceable framed artwork.   I felt completely at ease knowing she was getting it done – including getting the supplies needed to move!  Once I relocated she unpacked and organized everything!  No taking days off to pack/unpack, no figuring out what goes where in my new home, no living in disarray for days or months and the best part…no more boxes to deal with.  In no time at all I was packed, moved, unpacked and organized!
DJ B - Westchester, NY

Stephanie Naccari is a real life Geni in a bottle. She appears ready to roll and can tackle any ungainly mess with her special organizational magic. Honest, trust worthy, dependable, and hard working are just a few of her attributes!  When she heard I intended to join a procrastinators support group but hadn’t yet started, ahem, Stephanie came to the rescue! So for those of you stuck in the mud reach out and put a “can do” “get er done” funtastic superwoman on your team to straighten your life out. The sooner the better, because piles only get deeper by the day.  And not being able to find anything just sucks!
David S. - Harrison, NY